Welcome to your Consulting Quiz 15

‘Build,’ ‘Hold,’ ‘Harvest,’ and ‘Divest’ are the strategies pursued in?

X ltd is a company whose goods were manufactured in china. But after the pandemic , it couldn’t continue. Which method of outsourcing can be used here?

Android flagship phones from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc, are all rooting for giving better quality at lowest prices to the customers. Which strategy is it following?

The new business that a company diversifies into is linked to the existing businesses through process, technology or marketing. The new product is a spin-off from the existing facilities and products/processes. Which type of diversification does it relate to?

How will you approach this turnaround case? 1)Assessment of current problems 2)Restructuring the business: 3)Implementing an emergency action plan 4)Returning to normal 5) Analyse the situation and develop a strategic plan

Who framed Mckinsey 7S Framework?

The ADL Matrix or Arthur D Little Strategic Condition Matrix is a Portfolio Management technique that is based on the ?

Rolls Royce sells limited number of high end, custom-built cars.Which generic strategy is being followed here?