About Us

Our Mission

To help non-profits and social enterprises overcome challenges for the greatest possible social impact by providing affordable and high quality consulting services.

Our Vision

To ensure that the movement towards resolving pressing world issues such as poverty, global warming, etc. is unfettered by economic or social constraints and thereby develop the next generation of leaders.

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest university-based consultancy, headquartered in Australia and has its branches across 35 countries all over the world.

180 Degrees connects the untapped capabilities of top university students with the unmet needs of socially conscious organizations.

about 180 DC SRCC

180 DC, SRCC is a student-run consulting services provider being mentored by MBB and Big 4 consultants.

180 DC SRCC provides an opportunity to students to showcase their problem-solving ability while working on creating tangible social impact, support non-profits organizations and social entrepreneurs in the process. We aim to educate the students about the world of Consulting, Non-Profits and other social enterprises. We focus on creating student leaders who are committed to creating a difference through a holistic learning experience.

Our Projects



Pan India student volunteering report, previously prepared by PwC. Analyzing the impact of volunteering on all stakeholders.


Optimising the business model and supply of books. Deciding up strategic locations for setup of libraries.


Restructuring and rebranding the organisation, working on social media, fundraising and outreach strategy.


Restructuring and rebranding the organisation, working on social media, fundraising and outreach strategy.


Formulation of a general strategy to tackle students shortcomings, determining SROI, crowdfunding campaign and restructuring organizational workflow with suggestions to instate Volunteer Management System.


Formulation of a general strategy to tackle students shortcomings, determining SROI, crowdfunding campaign and restructuring organizational workflow with suggestions to instate Volunteer Management System.



Structurally designing a Digital Marketing Strategy for an accessories Start-up to boost their digital media presence.


Research and preparation of report on future work including study on GIG economy using tools like
competitive mapping.


Conducted a survey & research on the potential beneficiaries of the training program and auditing and reviewing the CATT curriculum.


Analyzing the key indicators to hint at the prevalent trends to potentially improve the business and to perform better in the future- using smart analytical techniques.

Joining hands

Designing a fundraising strategy for the long run, identifying suitable avenues for investment by considering their return.


Defined a framework for baseline and end-line survey to assess Social Emotional Learning skills of students and performed extensive research on emotional learning.


Designing a fundraising strategy for the long run, identifying suitable avenues for investment by considering their return.


Defined a framework for baseline and end-line survey to assess Social Emotional Learning skills of students and performed extensive research on emotional learning.



Analysing and listing down the potential competitors in the market for Snehin, both offline and online and identifying the Unique Selling Point of these sarees


Market research services on the 3 well-defined areas and provide marketing strategies for one of the branches.


Identifying the alternatives that the government can pursue taking into account the policy case problem and the existing market landscape.


Restructuring and curating a logistics, fundraising and volunteer management strategy for an educational charity based in Lebanon.


US meditation, yoga and fitness Market research to identify consumer patterns and Hypothesis testing on the probable features of the app with thorough competitor analysis, analyzing product-market fit in the process


Developing a Go-to-market strategy for their product capturing an all India reach, including marketing, branding, Launching, distribution and supply chain strategies.

Muse Foundation

In the testing times of COVID-19, our team of consultants worked with the NGO to draft Fundraising strategies to assist relief efforts in the city of Thane and nearby regions of Maharashtra. Through strategic support, we were able to impact thousands of people and augment community engagement to garner public support.



We provided a set of campaigns and mechanisms to enhance the online presence during the pandemic and assisted in upskilling brand’s market potential


Developed a monetisation strategy that included budgeting, pricing plans and collaborations. Provided a blueprint of user acquisition and retention plans.


Conducted competitor analysis and stakeholder analysis, developing marketing and user engagement strategies.


Market research analysis on waste processors and a go-to-market strategy in New Delhi. Funding strategy to meet the seed cost


We helped them in finding new ways to optimize their existing business models and find growth and expansion strategies. We also came up with new fundraising and marketing strategies for them.


We did a primary research survey analysis in a niche market and a macro research in a food tech industry, helped plan logistics and delivery.



We designed growth strategy and business plan to venture into a new age segment and channels of distribution for formal clothing designed for women.


We helped launch a product from scratch with uniquely curated marketing strategies and structure the pricing structure, demand avenues, etc.


We helped redesign their volunteer acquisition and retention strategies, while helping them explore new ways for improving funding, marketing and social media visibility.


Formed a volunteer outreach strategy to increase the reach of the organisation. Provided with specialized fund acquisition options and ways to increase brand visibility.


We conducted competitor and market analysis to curate growth and expansion strategies, social media campaigns and volunteer hiring strategies.

December 2017


The first branch of 180 Degrees Consulting in North India.


Projects Undertaken (6):

The Voice of Slum
Youth For Seva

  • Awarded with the “Best New Branch Award” for our top-quality performance in all the parameters amongst all the new branches and 3rd best branch in Asia-Pacific Region


Projects Undertaken (6):

Lumis Partners
Joining Hands
Labhya Foundation

  • Launched the SDG- Research and Analysis Department, responsible for carrying out extensive research for both internal and external purposes.
  • Research Reports published:
    FDI Characteristics
    Food Industry
    Impact Investing
  • Winner of 2nd Best Branch Award in Asia- Pacific Region in Global Consulting Awards with branch rating of 28.8/30.


Projects Undertaken (7):

Muse Foundation
Waste Warriors

  • Launched the SDG- Case Library and Resources Department, an initiative that aims to serve the learning requirements of students regarding Consulting and acts as a repository for case studies and other consulting resources, the only one at an undergraduate level.
  • Research Reports Published:
    Assessing the Impact of Covid-19 on Agricultural Supply Chain in India
  • Branch Rating 29/30
  • Awarded with the “Best Project Award” in Asia Pacific (APAC) Region for Project Indian Road Safety Campaign in Global Consulting Awards, 2020


Projects Undertaken (6):

Prabhaav Foundation
Baked By Kids

  • Research Reports –

– FDI Trends : Indian and Global (2021), Climate Change (2021), Electric Vehicles (2021) and Demystifying the Data Behmoth (2021)

  • Case Library & Resources

– Prepared Consulting resources spanning industry reports, consulting frameworks, revenue models

Branch executives

Kavya Aggarwal


A true leader at heart, Kavya’s exceptional dedication and passion for positive social change inspire us all. With a proven track record of commitment, Kavya empowers the team to deliver outstanding results. She views 180 Degrees Consulting as a learning experience, a creative journey, and a close-knit family. Under her leadership, we are excited to pursue our vision and achieve greater heights in making meaningful change.

Rishabh Luthra


A man of unwavering dedication & discipline, Rishabh has always ensured timely completion of high-quality work. As an experienced and hardworking leader, Rishabh’s energetic personality and desire to create a better society have guided our way forward. As the Co-President, he continues to inspire us and shape our collective vision. With his tenacity and drive, we are confident in achieving our objectives and making a positive impact on society.

Manya Bagla

Chief Secretary

Manya’s impact on 180DC, SRCC is extraordinary. Her inspiring commitment to social causes and exceptional leadership make her invaluable to the team. Through her contributions to consulting projects and events, she epitomizes dedication to meaningful change. As the Chief Secretary, she leads us towards a brighter future, inspiring us to meet perfection in all our pursuits. With Manya’s guidance, we strive for excellence and aim to transform lives with our shared vision.

Suhani Jain

Chief Secretary

Suhani is an irreplaceable asset for our team and has a profound knowledge base with depths of wisdom. Her unwavering dedication to our organization’s mission is evident through her extensive contributions to the society. She is truly the one to look up to. As a remarkable leader, she never fails to empower the team, delivering exceptional results. With her vision and drive, we are inspired to push boundaries, create lasting change, and unlock our full potential.

research and analysis directors

Atharva Yadav

Atharva’s exceptional work ethic and inexhaustible enthusiasm define his character. Possessing keen intellect and analytical prowess, Atharva consistently devises solutions for every challenge that comes his way. He equates happiness with the accomplishment of personal objectives. In forging friendships, Atharva values loyalty and a well-developed sense of humour as essential attributes.

Avi Soni

Avi is an ardent sports enthusiast who loves to take on challenges and meet new people. Avi’s approach to solving a business problem is to understand different perspectives, work with the team and his stakeholders, and formulate a win-win solution.

Gautam Arora

Gautam is a person who exemplifies qualities of being able, knowledgeable, and hardworking. With a remarkable blend of humility and approachability, he consistently delivers work of the highest quality within specified timelines. His humble nature radiates positive energy, creating an inspiring and productive environment for everyone involved.

Manan Gulati

Manan is an individual with a meticulous and dedicated approach. He possesses exceptional communication skills, displaying professionalism in his work. He fearlessly embraces formidable challenges and overcomes adversities, maintaining composure throughout. His attention to detail and strong character contribute to his success in various professional endeavours.

public relations and partnerships directors

Aakriti Goel

Aakriti is defined by her hard-working and unwavering spirit. She embraces every challenge that comes her way with utmost enthusiasm. She is not only teeming with creative ideas, but makes sure to bring them to fruition and deliver exceptional results. Having a varied skill set, coupled with her resolute dedication to perfect every task at hand, she is indispensable to the team.

Arnav Agarwal

Arnav is a tenacious individual with an unyielding commitment to success and exceptional intellect. His unwavering determination, coupled with a steadfast loyalty, drives him to overcome obstacles and consistently achieve remarkable results. With a track record of excellence, Arnav’s presence brings forth a culture of inspiration and unwavering dedication to success.

Jahnavi Bahadur

Jahnavi is a hardworking and diligent individual who possesses a remarkable attention to detail. Her unwavering dedication towards her work is evident through consistent and exceptional performance. Her meticulous approach and consistent efforts make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Mohak Bhasin

Mohak is a compassionate person who  goes above and beyond to assist and support his teammates. He has a critical thinking mindset and a solution-focused approach. With a strong desire to advance the society he works hard to ensure quality of work and precision in completing the tasks.

case library and resources directors

Arshiya Gupta

Arshiya is a remarkable professional who embodies a strong work ethic. Her dedication and hard work are evident in everything she does. She consistently brings fresh ideas to the table, injecting creativity into her work. Approachable and friendly, she strikes a perfect balance between fun and productivity, making her a valuable asset to the team.

Aryan Agarwal

Aryan is a zealous and passionate individual who strongly believes in commitment towards work and people. When it comes to problem solving, Aryan believes in having a structured approach in order to come up with pragmatic solutions. He is one of the most approachable people who is always open to a discussion on markets and sports.

Vrinda Gupta

A true embodiment of dedication and diligence, Vrinda is a charismatic woman who proves to be extraordinary in every sense. Her warm and inspiring aura leaves no one behind and makes sure that everyone in the team is able to give their best. Vrinda consistently goes the extra mile beyond her responsibilities and functions calmly in critical situations. She is a beacon of kindness and her infectious laughter and warm heart brightens up every room she enters.

Yash Jain

Yash, an entrepreneur at heart, a marketer by soul and a foodie for his poor little stomach is always up for challenges, come what may. He is eager to learn, eager to teach and truly a competitive person in the middle of all ease. However nerdy he might sound, he is always into witty conversations. You can approach him to discuss almost any and everything and you will definitely get some wise words of wisdom (which you might not follow, ofcourse). Travelling is his life but deadlines his lifeline. He takes his work pretty seriously and makes sure that you take that as well.

Pranav Obhrai


Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Its been a pleasure being associated with this team of bright students who are always open to learning more and finding creative solutions. Their balanced outlook towards business and society at an early stage is inspiring

Raghaw Jhunjhunwala


Bain and Co.

Its always exciting to work with students who have a zeal to take the extra step towards excellence. This team’s enthusiasm and openness to expand their horizon of business knowledge is truly inspirational. It came to life for me when I got to understand about one of the projects they were working in the EV space.

Sonisha Kukreja

Former President, 2019-20

American Express

180DC was undoubtedly a life-changing-win for me…even now on the back of it I realize, there are very few things in this world that can boom impact, very few…180DC being on the top for me, so always bet on these impact creating vehicles, no matter what the odds are. It means more to be in the race than watching the victory lap from the stands..

Ashray Gupta

Former President, 2018-19

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

‘180 DC is not a club – it is an experience that shapes thinking, action and propagates a strong mechanism to give back to society. As a president, I have seen the club grow from a small team of 20 odd people to 100+ proud members. This club has helped me shape my college experience.

Samvid Sharma


Project Atom

I would like to personally thank you for all the efforts put in. The information gathered would have taken a lot of bandwidth that we simply did not have, it was truly of real value to us. Furthermore, the work presentation made the data and insights highly consumable, and actionable from the very get go. I hope we get the opportunity to work together in the future.

Harshita Rathi



It is exciting to see passionate people coming together to work on complex, impactful problem statements right from college.

Aaditya Agarwal

Speaker, Colloquium Series

McKinsey & Company

It is wonderful to see a bunch of committed impact chasers work together to hone their problem-solving toolkit so early on and perhaps even more importantly, bring others in the fold of developing these skills. In every interaction with the team at 180DC SRCC, it becomes clear that one is interacting with an individual who has set a solid foundation to be a future leader in their own right.

Sulagna Sivprava


Waste Warriors

Working with the 180DC team at SRCC was a great experience. They are passionate about the impact they want to create and suggested a very well researched and nuanced report to an intervention which was just an idea in our minds. Thanks a lot for the great help!

Praneeth Adivi

Director of Global Operations,

Global Leadership Team,180DC.

It’s been a privilege to work with the 180DC’s SRCC branch. The executive team has always shown their passion for social impact while challenging themselves, which is what 180DC is all about. I would encourage everyone to check out their project on road safety in collaboration with India’s ministry of road, transport and highways. It was a well-thought and well-executed project that was awarded the best project of the year in the Asia region. I am so excited for the new consultants who will join this branch because they will be in capable hands and get the opportunity to learn so much while creating tangible impact!