Welcome to your Case Quiz 15

Which growth strategy entails introducing a new product in a new market?

Which decision should be taken if the cost and risk is low but the effort and value is high?

What does the executive summary help a decision maker with?

A start-up has its niche in cost effective and durable battery production and light-weight heavy duty vehicle body production. It has recently received an acquisition offer from TATA an eclectic vehicle industry giant for about 120% of the company’s valuation. Which type of acquisition is this?

XYZ Ltd. has been reporting losses for the last 2 years. It is engaged in the Packaged Food industry. It has 2 production centers, one in Ludhiana and another in Hissar. The Packaged Food industry has a limited market in India currently and is dominated by brands like MTR. The company has been unable to raise further funds from the investors. However it still has some funds to deploy but has extreme time constraints. Therefore it needs a quick solution. As a consultant, which of the following strategies would you suggest them to follow:

Indian Ed-tech startup, Vedantu was analyzed with the help of the BCG matrix. Match the following

  i)    Pets                                                                    1) 6th-12th School Coaching for all streams

  ii)   Question Marks                                          
     2) JEE/ NEET Preparation for +2 kids

  iii)  Cows                                                                  3) UPSC Preparation
  iv)  Stars                                                                   
4) 1st-5th Primary School kids