Welcome to your Case Quiz 11

Answer the following questions in accordance with information provided below:

ABC is a reputed company that has recently launched an initiative for the Undergraduate students. Its pricing policy is 500/ registration. However, one of its competitors, XYZ, has been doing a similar campaign for the last 5 years with its prices as low as 250/ registration. Even though ABC has better goodwill than XYZ, students are approaching the competitor more due to the high packages offered.

How can ABC Company ensure that the total revenue received by the firm is maximum and it does not leave a negative impact on the public at the same time?

As a consultant to ABC company, how would you suggest the firm to promote its initiative and attract better responses than the customer?

The decision of ABC to launch the campaign, comes under which segment of the following?

Considering the fact that ABC is able to pull off a better campaign this time. As a consultant to XYZ company, what advice would you give in order to bring back the audience!

ABC had called in Mr. Aloknath Singhania, CEO of the biggest Tech- firm in the world for an offline Guest Speaker session. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he canceled the session and the company is in jeopardy as to how to deal with the situation. As a consultant suggest a way: