Welcome to your Analytical Quiz 16

Find the number of rectangles in the given figure.

What is the remainder when we divide 125! by 10^31

Karishma walked 15 m towards south and took a right turn and walked 3 m, he took a right turn again and walked 15 m before stopping .Which direction did she face?

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When a student score 36% marks and failed by 32 marks, But if he score 48% marks then he will get 64 more marks than passing marks. Find the passing percent

A told B," yesterday I met the only brother of the daughter of my grandmother". Whom did A meet?

The monthly incomes of X and Y are in the ratio of 4:3 and their monthly expenses are in the ratio of 3: 2. However, each saves Rs. 6,000 per month. What is their total monthly income?