Welcome to your Consulting Quiz 5

Strategy is _________.

Competitive advantage can best be described as _______

Market penetration strategy can be executed by _______

The acquisition of a business that operates in the same industry is known as _____

Gastronomia – a gourmet restaurant chain has found the turnover rate among its highly-skilled chefs increasing dramatically for the last 3 years; this has led to a noticeable decline in food quality and increased training costs, among other negative effects.

Which factors would you not consider when tackling this turnover problem?

A potential client Mr X has launched a new company, Y Ltd to develop a new type of online payments app that is expected to have positive yet disruptive consequences in the Fintech industry. How will you approach this market entry case?


(i) Finding the barriers to their entry

(ii) Conducting a competitor Analysis

(iii) Understanding the market size for the product

(iv) Estimating the future Market Growth