Welcome to your Case Quiz 3

Which of the following is an example of revenue synergy?

XYZ Ltd., an FMCG company, has introduced a new product. They have to decide the price of their new product before launching it in the market. What factors should they not keep in mind while deciding the price of the product?

This is what you do in a case interview when several problems of different kinds are given to you

Your client "Fitness Planet” has been facing decreasing profits for some time now. You have realised that this is an industry wide problem and the client wants you to figure out why this is happening. What do you first do?

Identify the case type, "Facebook is trying to shift to a subscription based model after changing its name to meta"

Identify the case type, "Your client is a surfboard retailer operating three stores on the western coast of the USA, and is looking to grow its base significantly across the continent. The CEO has asked you to design a rollout strategy across the continent along with a timeline "

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