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What is the difference between a merger and an acquisition?

'Tesla followed a market entry strategy, entering from the premium market and moving towards a mass market when it came up with more affordable Sedan and SUV after starting with high price Roadster.' Identify the type of market entry case.

'In 2013, PNB entered into an agreement with America's largest life insurer - MetLife, to offer PNB-MetLife Insurance plans.' Which growth strategy was followed by these companies?

As a pioneer in the wearable fitness tracker business, XYZ Ltd. tasted initial success and introduced many models of wearables, which became highly popular. With Apple Inc. (Apple), foraying into smartwatches, FXYZ Ltd. also started making smartwatches. At the same time, Chinese players like Xiaomi entered the market with feature-rich, low-priced wearables. XYZ Ltd. could not compete either with Apple at the high end of the market, or with Xiaomi at the lower end, and started losing its share rapidly. Its problems were compounded by a rise in operating expenses, quality control issues, data security issues, and durability and the company found itself struggling in the wearable device market. And with consumer interest in wearable devices going down, the company had huge challenges ahead.' Identify the case.

Your client Company Z manufactures hair products. The company is thinking about entering the sunscreen market and have hired you to recommend them for the same. Which of the following can be a good clarifying question?

Mergers and Acquisitions in unrelated industries are called

In a pricing case, the ____ strategy gives the price floor, ___ strategy gives the price ceiling and ____ gives the benchmark price. Identify the type of pricing strategy for each blank in the correct order.