Welcome to your Analytical Quiz 12

Choose the set of three sentences where the third sentence can be logically derived from both the preceding sentences: red wine= pasta   vodka = pizza

  1. Girls like Pasta = A
  2. Boys do not like Pizza B
  3. Pasta is Pizza D
  4. Boys also like Pasta c
  5. Girls like pizza e
  6. No one likes Burger f

Read the following passage and answer the questions based on it. There are four persons A, B, C and D. One of them is Security Guard and plays Football and Cricket. A and B are Accountants. A plays Badminton. Both the Accountants are Swimmers. D is a Lecturer. One Accountant also plays Tennis. The Lecturer plays Carrom and is a Swimmer. All the four people play two games each and follow one profession.

Who is the Security Guard?

Who can not Swim?

Who plays Tennis?

Who plays Badminton and is an Accountant?

Who plays Tennis and is an Accountant?