Welcome to your Analytical Quiz 11

Read the information and answer the questions based on them.

The Consumer complaint department of a firm employs exactly 6 people- G, H, I, J, K and L, who answer letters.

Every complaint letter received by the department is classified as either red or blue.

The procedure used for answering is as follows:

  1. Red Letters are given first to G or H
  2. Blue Letter are given to first of anyone of the following G, J or I

If a letter raises a problem that cannot be resolved by the person to whom it is given, it must be forwarded until it reaches someone who can resolve the problem and answer the letter. A letter must be forwarded as follows

  1. By G to I, if the letter is Red but to J, if blue
  2. By H to either G or I
  3. By I to J, if the letter is red but to K, if the letter is blue
  4. By J to either I or K whether the letter is red or blue
  5. By K to L whether the letter is red or blue
  6. L answers every letter given to him.

Any of the following can be true except

A blue letter could reach L via which sequence?

Any letter that is given to L must have been previously given to:

Any letter that reaches L must have been given to a minimum of how many members of the Consumer Complaint department before reaching L?

If a member of the consumer complaint department is given a letter that he or she had previously given to some other member of the department, the person who is given the letter a second time could be