1. Derived from the Pareto Principle. In consulting, it refers to working smarter to avoid getting bogged down in the detail of a problem. Consultants believe that 80 of impact can usually be achieved by investing effort into the top 20 most important issues.
2. a way of describing how much capacity you have to take on additional work, both from a time and energy perspective.
3. a rough sketch of a presentation that needs further details and formatting. It may include only headings for each page or a highlevel picture of what charts and information need to be included.
4. another word for categories, segments, or groups. Consultants frequently break big problems into smaller ones which are easier to solve by identifying the key buckets underlying the big problem.
5. an abbreviation for compound annual growth rate. It calculates the average annual growth rate of a financial variable e.g. revenues, costs, the value of an investment over time.