Welcome to your Case Quiz 1

Your client, LiveBetter is a pharmaceutical company that has developed an anti-tobacco drug. Live Better will have to compete with No Tobacco, an established product working in the similar domain. They have reached out to you to price this drug. Which of the following options would you choose to start with your approach?

The following are major 4 aspects that are analysed in M&A cases. 'Analysing how available and strong are substitutes' comes under which aspect?

What is the right order to approach a growth case? i) Clarifying the target no. to be achieved ii) Analysis on the basis of various factors such as cost, ease, differentiating factor iii) Understanding the motive to grow iv) Selecting the optimum opportunity v) Dividing the ways to grow into various core business and outside core business ways

A movie theatre owner in Mumbai is facing declining revenues from the past few months. 

Given below are some random stages of the entire approach the consultant takes to analyse the problem. Rearrange them to the best order.

i) Understanding if it's an industry wide or company specific issue
ii) Looking at Supply and Demand Constraints.
iii) Understanding revenue streams the changes in offerings, if any and

iv) Splitting revenues into  revenue/customer and no. of customers
v) Clarifying about market and company

Your client, a coffee seller in Delhi, is facing declining profits from the past 3 years. You were hired as a consultant to analyse the situation. You found out that in spite of an increase in the number of customers, the profits were declining. How can an increase in customers lead to a decrease in profits? What would you like to examine to understand the reason?

How do you start solving any Market Entry case?

Your client is a low-cost airline operator in India. Over the past 1 or 2 years, it has been burning cash. You have been appointed to find the cause and recommend solutions. What would be your first step?